Supercharge your citizen engagement
by putting permitting and licensing online
for access anywhere, anytime

Citizen self-service for enlightened communities

ViewPoint Cloud makes it easy to serve your constituents online so they can get what they need without coming to you in-person

Productive People

Productive People

Get twice as much done each day by automating manual tasks and eliminating coordination bottlenecks
Happy Citizens

Happy Citizens

Give citizens and employees the most thoughtfully-designed service platform for government
Informed Leaders

Informed Leaders

Be a data-driven leader with realtime status on any project, trend analysis, and powerful reporting

80+ communities

use ViewPoint Cloud to provide world-class online citizen services

Stamford, CT
Worcester, MA
Harrisburg, PA
Casper, WY
Gloucester, MA
New Haven, CT

“With ViewPoint in place, we will enhance our reputation as a good place in which to do business.”

Mayor James J. Fiorentini
City of Haverhill, MA

"I can't believe it's that easy."

Jessie Koltiska, Assistant Building Official
Sheridan, WY

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